With the ever-changing laws surrounding real estate, a real estate settlement can be challenging endeavor, especially when you do not have an experienced law firm on your side. In fact, for many individuals, the purchase of a home may be the single largest investment in their lifetime. Protect your investment. Engage experienced licensed West Virginia attorneys to conduct your settlement.

With Conrad Luttrell LLP on your side, you will have the comfort of knowing that both your legal rights and investment are protected. Furthermore, you have to look no further than our office to complete your transaction, as we offer legal representation in every aspect of the real estate transaction, including the negotiation of purchase price and closing costs, preparing or reviewing the sales contract, performing the title search and issuing title insurance, and conducting the real estate settlement.

Also, unlike many real estate settlement attorneys, the attorneys at Conrad Luttrell LLP also offer more than just real estate legal representation. Our attorneys also offer representation in litigation and estate planning.

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